No one likes a FATAL ERROR

FATAL ERROR: Where is my code??

A while back I came across a Node package that allows you to merge two Watson Assistant skills. This is useful if you have multiple users working on the same skill separately and you need to merge the changes. Think GitHub diff meets Watson Assistant.

To use this package, you need an entire Node app, and most users do not want to spin up an entire app to just merge two skills. So, I put one together for anyone to use:

I uploaded it to IBM Cloud and forgot all about it. I…

Note: It is no longer necessary to follow these steps as the Cognos team has implemented many updates in order to address this and other issues. See the official documentation here:

It’s not as simple as you would think.

This article assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Cognos Embedded Dashboards. If you are not familiar or would like to learn more, check out the documentation.

It turns out there is not a simple way to display a percentage in Cognos Embedded Dashboards, depending on the type of data you have, but it is possible. Here are…

If you are familiar with the Watson Assistant Plus plan, then you have likely come across the same question as others: How do I determine what constitutes a “unique” user?

The Watson Assistant Plus plan comes with several super cool features, including disambiguation, intent recommendations, and user-based pricing. You can read more from the official announcement:

The Plus (and Premium) plan bases its pricing on MAUs (Monthly Active Users). Consider this scenario: You are the owner of a floral shop specializing in yellow roses (my favorite). You would likely create a chatbot to answer common customer inquiries. These may…

Click here for the magic: →

A customer recently asked me if it was possible to download backups of their IBM Cloud service data, specifically Watson services. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to build them something.

Currently, this tool supports backups for Watson Assistant, Discovery, and Cloud Object Storage. There is a list of services waiting to be added, which you can find in the Readme file of the repository along with details about what specific data is backed up for each service.

Detailed directions are listed in the Readme file in the repository, but the…

Quick link:

I know what you’re thinking. “Python for Data Science? Whoa. One step at a time.” You’re in luck though. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Let me explain.

Python is an excellent language for beginners. It’s easy to get started and has less of a learning curve than other, more static languages. Within minutes, you can have a handful of code that actually does something really cool other than “Hello World.” That’s because the standard “Hello World” in Python is just one line of code. Compare this example in Java:

This is how it would look in Python:

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